How to Maintain Brazilian Body Wave Hair

How to Maintain Brazilian Body Wave Hair

When it comes to options for longer hair, weaves and hair extensions have become some of the most popular choices. Here at Prissy Lady Virgin Hair, we provide some of the best virgin hair extensions around. We provide 100% virgin human hair (7a and 8a grade) that ranges in different styles – from Brazilian straight to loose wave. However, many of our customers are concerned how to properly maintain and care for Brazilian body wave hair. That’s where we come in!

You may be wondering: How should I maintain Brazilian body wave hair?

It is important to care for and maintain your Brazilian body wave hair as if it were your own natural hair. Keep in mind that it can be expensive to purchase a new weave all the time, so it can be very cost-efficient to care for the one you have now.


1. Shampoo Hair At Least Once a Week

The first step in caring for your hair is remembering to shampoo it at least once a week. To start, thoroughly wash your weave with special shampoos containing ingredients like coconut oil and argan oil for the best benefits. Of course, you can always wash if more often if you’d like.

Sounds easy right? You’d be surprised how many people will forget to do this, but following this weekly step is crucial in maintaining body wave hair.


2. Use Conditioner For Softer Hair

Conditioner is an optional step, but can be applied if desired. Conditioning twice a month will allow the tresses to remain soft and silky. This will also be beneficial for hair that has been treated with chemicals. A conditioner with moisturizing properties will help to bring the hair back to life and ensure a long lifespan. Use a conditioner with silk protein or neem oil for best results.


3. Always Air Dry & Avoid Heat Products

With Brazilian body wave hair, you should always remember to let it air dry after washing to avoid using heat products. Heat will cause the hair to have a shorter lifespan. The hot temperatures can be extremely damaging to extensions, since it causes the hair to dry out much faster. To combat wet hair, simply towel dry the hair or leave it to air dry on its own.

However, if you have no other choice but to use a hot hair dryer, be sure to apply heat-protectant spray beforehand. Curling and straightening irons should also be avoided. Instead, try opting for heatless hair curlers instead.


4. Avoid Getting the Hair Tangled

This step is extremely crucial for maintaining the lifespan of your Brazilian body wave hair. Tangled hair is difficult to fix and is prone to snagging and breakage. To prevent tangling, try to keep your hands away from your hair as much as possible. This will prevent hair from getting knotted together. The hair should also be put up before bed, to prevent getting tangled during the night. Night caps work great for this purpose!


With proper care and maintenance, your Brazilian body wave hair can last for months – and can continue to look as beautiful as ever! By following these steps, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with Prissy Lady extensions for a long time.

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