How To Exercise With Any & All Virgin Hair

How To Exercise With Any & All Virgin Hair

No matter who you are and what form of exercise you choose, the same goes for every individual who wears them – make sure to take care of your virgin hair extensions! Regardless of style, making sure you give all virgin hair the chance it deserves by keeping up with the necessary care it needs while you sweat it out is of utmost importance.

Here are some tips to maintain your extensions and keep you looking as fabulous as you did from day one.


Keep Your Hair as Dry as Possible

This means pulling your hair away from your face in order to prevent it from getting sweaty. Sweat is acidic and can dry out and damage your virgin hair extensions. The best hairstyle for doing so is a high ponytail or bun, and you could also wear a headband to help keep your hair dry.

Wearing an athletic headband will soak up all the sweat that accumulates around your forehead. Headbands also have the wonderful effect of minimizing your natural hair’s swelling from the humidity (which keeps your hair blended well with your extensions).


Do Not Pull Your Hair Too Tightly

Pulling your hair back too tightly can pull on both your natural hair and your extensions. Consistently doing so will shorten the life of your hair extensions.


Remove Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you have clip-in hair extensions, removing them before working out is not a bad idea. It may be a hassle, but it will prevent you from damaging your extensions.


Stay Out of All Saunas and Steam Rooms

Spending too much time in hot and humid places will turn your hair into a poofy, matted mess. Moisture will poof out any and all hairstyles over time. If you absolutely must – be sure to wear a swimming cap in order to stop frizz before it even starts. These same rules apply for swimming – because your extensions will not pair well with the chlorinated water.


Clean and Care for Your Extensions

Make sure to clean and care for your extensions after every workout – no exceptions! Extended exposure to either sweat or chlorine will dry out your hair extensions, as well as damage the adhesive that is keeping the extensions attached to your head. To care for your extensions, wash with a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

Remember, everyone...working out with all virgin hair extensions is absolutely possible! It may seem like more work than it’s worth, but as long as you make sure you are careful and caring for your extensions, there will be nothing standing in the way between you and your fitness goals. Let those endorphins flow and your extensions shine, you won’t regret it.

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