4 Trendy Hairstyles For Your Virgin Hair This Winter

4 Trendy Hairstyles For Your Virgin Hair This Winter

The year 2016 is over, which means that a new year and some new hairstyles are in order.  Getting the feel for what type of hairstyles work for you and your fashion sense can be slightly frustrating, but luckily Prissy Lady is here to help! No one wants to rock the same virgin hair look for the entire year, right? New year, new you!

We have put together a list of some of the trendiest hairstyles for showing off in the new year. We hope you’ll find something you enjoy and wouldn’t mind trying out. It never hurts to step out of your comfort zone, so why not start with your virgin hair?

Let’s take a look at some of the trendy virgin hairstyles that will be ringing in the new year.

Box Braids

Flawless box braids

Box braids are a popular hairstyle that uses synthetic, straight hair to create long plaits. The name “box braids” comes from the look that is formed when creating this style. For more information on how to create this beautiful virgin hairstyle, check out this blog post from PerfectLocks.com.


Crochet Braids

This hairstyle is achieved by creating cornrows first, then applying the virgin hair extensions to the cornrows. This style is hard to distinguish between naturally curly or kinky hair, and depending on how you cut and style it – it can also be styled to look more like afro hair. This step-by-step guide courtesy of Un-Ruly.com can offer you more information on how to create this fashionable style.

Chunky Cornrows

Cornrows are a beautiful, traditional hairstyle that has proven to stand the test of time as it works its way into 2017. They are simple to maintain, versatile for any occasion, and always a beautiful choice. You can find out more information regarding how to create this style here.

Minnie Mouse Buns

This cute and laid back hairstyle is perfect for any casual and fun-loving day you will have... after all, who doesn’t love a little Disney in their lives?

The Minnie Mouse bun is also low maintenance without compromising any of the quality. You don’t have to worry about any matting, weather conditions, accessories or anything else. You just set it and forget it!

Maybe virgin hair extensions have just become a little more work than you’re willing to deal with for the day. If so, try out this look in 2017.

These trendy and fashionable Brazilian virgin hairstyles are perfect go-to looks for 2017, and will be sure to impress any and all individuals who walk your way. Live it up and style it up, too!

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